First Day in England

From E:

nt.jpgWe went on a backstage tour of the National Theatre.  It was very fun because we to see props and all the different stage setups. The who was taking us around was called Virginny, she was nice even though Daddy and his work friend Tessy were kind of teasing her.  The theatre was very big.  We saw the workers working on some sets.

After that we went out to a noodle place called Wagamama.  It was good food!  Then we went for a hot drink at EAT.  Which is kind of funny because we did not eat at EAT.

It was a big day!  I hope you are having fun.


– Emma


One thought on “First Day in England

  1. Hi Emma

    It was so lovely to meet you. I guess we were kind of teasing the National Theatre architecture a little (it is exptected), and trying to be a bit funny 🙂 The inside was beautiful wasn’t it? You can only imagine all the noise and bustle in the evenings down those corridors! Just as well they painted the floor yellow so actors don’t get lost 🙂 I’d get lost too if they gave me rubber pears to eat, wouldn’t you?
    Enjoy your tea party today – and give my love to Max and your mum and dad.

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