The Airplane

From M:

When we got to the airplane we flew to Dallas and then to England and then we found our hotel. When we got back I was so cranky that I wanted to go back home. But then I a nice sleep and then I woke up and then we went to a noodle place and I ate noodles and they were really good.Waterloo Bridge

On the way back we went over a big bridge.  Here is a picture of it.  We could see Big Ben from the bridge.  A guy was playing saxaphone in the middle of the bridge.

I am really sleepy now and I’m going to bed (said from bed!)

– Max


2 thoughts on “The Airplane

  1. Hi Guys,
    This is so cool. It sounds like you had a loooong first day but fun nonetheless! Hope that the rest of the trip is magnificent and full of adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime.
    Much love!

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