Max’s Day 2

 This where we had breakfast.  And we had bacon and eggs and beans and I liked the bacon it is different but it is good.


We saw the crown jewels and we couldn’t take a picture of them but they were fancy and I liked them a lot.  This is me with armor on at the Tower of London.


We are going into the British Museum.


I am looking at a mummy.  I liked the gruesome parts.


Here are more pictures at the museum.


[editor’s note: it is late and time for dinner, which explains the next line]

I love noodles. Noodles love me.  I want to eat to noodles.  I love the noodles here.




5 thoughts on “Max’s Day 2

  1. Max,
    I thought English breakfast was always like dinner. I am glad you liked the bacon, which is different from home.

    I am sorry that you could not take pictures of the Crown Jewels, but glad you got to see them.

    That was very cool when you put your hand in the armor at the BM, but the mummy was gross!

    You will get plenty of noodles in Italy, I bet.

    I really enjoy all the pictures in both your blogs.

    Lots of Love,

  2. Wow!
    MAX, YOU ARE 6! And you had a birthday in ITALY! That is WAY cool! Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to give you a real Italianbirthday hug in person when you come back! I liked seeing you at the Volcano park which sounds really interesting and Emma, thank you for the newest star in our sky from your latest “lost” tooth, which is a funny name since you didn’t LOSE it. It just turned into a star to help make the night sky more bright and beautiful!
    Patty and Josh, I think you could quit your present jobs and become full time photographers! Health, magic and mystery to you all.
    Molt’ Amore,

  3. hi Max!
    I can’t believe you are SIX!! And turning SIX in Italy!! What a great place to have a birthday. I wish I could have MY birthday in Italy, too.

    I loved seeing these pictures. Italy (and especially Capri) looks so delicious! Are you able to understand a little Italian by now?

    Ciao Max (I think Massimo is Max in Italian).

  4. Emma,
    I love that picture of you at high tea! You look like a princess!
    And I loved the picture where youa re sitting and drawing on the beach. You look MUCH more than the 8 you are turning in a few days. Happy birthday to you! (imagine me singing this) and what a terrific trip.

  5. Dearest Emma and Maxie,
    You are having amazing adventures! I love that you are writing about them every day
    and have pictures to go with them.
    I loved Italy when I was there and now through this computer I get to feel like I am still there and traveling with you which is SO much fun!
    Emma, Happy Birthday Sweetie! 8 is my favorite number in the whole universe!
    Maxie, we all miss you and are counting the days ’till you come back 6 and ready for more digging!
    Patty and Josh wow! What a whirlwind you are in and how precious to be able to share it all together.
    When you get back I think we shall start a club: Lovers of Italy Unite!
    We will only wear red, white or green, speak only in the Italian phrases that we all know, however limited, and have regular “secret” meetings where the password is “Salute!” and whose sole goal is to share Italian recipes!!!
    For desserts we shall bring a new flavor of gelato to each meeting and before we leave
    we will massage each other with the finest extra virgin olive oil!!!
    Molt’ Amore,

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