Our Second Day in England

From Emma:

We took the Underground to the Tower of London.


The station nearest our hotel is Covent Garden.

We saw the Crown Jewels. We weren’t allowed to take a picture of them but they were cool. This is a picture of Max and I with a Bear Guard. All the real guards dress like this.


p1040757.jpgAfter we went to the Tower of London we came back to the area where our hotel was. We saw a guy juggling knives on a tightrope. He was good.

After that, we went out to tea at the Woolsey Hotel. It was very fancy. The waiter said I was dressed perfectly for tea.


After that we went to the British Museum. I drew a old Greek mosaic. It was very tricky. I also saw mummies. Max found a dead body — it was disgusting. I also saw lots of heiroglyphics and statues.


On our way home we passed a cool phone booth. It had a crown on it!

Tomorrow morning we are flying to Italy.

It is time for bed now so this is the end of my blog for today.


One thought on “Our Second Day in England

  1. Emma;
    I love your hat. You and Max look so dressed up for tea. Your mama looks beautiful. Was the tea as good as in Canada?

    The Bear Guard looks very friendly! Have you seen any real Guards? They are never supposed to talk or smile when they are on duty.

    The British Museum is such a wonderful old building. The mosaic that you were drawing design looks like designs that I have seen on rugs from the Middle East.

    Have a great trip on the train to Italy.

    Lots of love, Grandma

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