Patty’s day 2






The real reason British people drink tea is because jet lag the day after a trip from the US is brutal. We had a very rough night. Every-time Josh and I would finally drift off to sleep one or the other of the children would crawl into bed with us. M @ 2 AM “I’m hungry. Is it time for breakfast?” E @ 2:59 AM “Mama I still can’t sleep” Pub crawlers @ 3:14 AM carousing outside our hotel. M @4:12 “Mama I still want something to eat.” E @ 4:38 “I need the bathroom.” M@ 5:41 Falls out of bed scrapes his face and bloodies his chin. Mercifully we all fell back asleep for another-few hours and began our adventures at 9:00




Our first stop this morning after the bracing cup of tea and British breakfast at a non-smoking pub (ha!) was the Tower of London. Navigating the Tube without bags like the day before is a treat! The kids love the Tube map, the tunnel, the buskers, the noise, pulse and heat of the underground. We arrive at the Tower prepared to see the sights. M loves the castle. E loves the spiral staircases.

the Crown Jewels are the real reason we are here!!!!! We go through the Jewels exhibit FOUR times. The diamond on the scepter is as big as M’s fist. Gorgeous gems and M shrieks “That one’s in my book! And that one !! AND THAT ONE!! (of the Imperial Crown of State) M also LOVED the armory (the swords, cannons, guns, knives and assorted violent items.





loved this kooky Japanese tour-guide with stuffed crab on a stick poker…





We return again and again to Covent Garden to take in the entertainers. Nothing beats a balloon twisting-knife twirling-ropewalker-with blue shoes.




In case you were wondering how the weather has been…





Emma Dressed for Tea.

We went for tea at the Woolsey (next door to the Ritz and overlooking Hyde Park). We didn’t get to take photos at the tea party because
“Photography Sir, is not permitted.”
Everyone enjoyed the scones, clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, fruit tarts, eclairs and endless pots of tea!




We loved our trip to the Monolithic British Museum.




A Big Ramses for You





Drawing @ the museum




Max drawing a mummy for his mama.





This museum was really impressive and vast. Since the mid 1700s its been open and free to the public. (of course public didn’t include the people from countries where they pillaged the artifacts! The Ancient Egyptian  exhibit was really splendid. Lots of mummies and sarcophagus.  Josh said that when he visited Cairo in the late 80s he didn’t see nearly such an impressive display!) We took our time in the Ancient areas (Romans, Greeks, Egyptians) and also saw the Rosetta Stone!



Our time in London was short, expensive, and perfect.





One thought on “Patty’s day 2

  1. O Mio Dio!
    How I love your adventures! I could almost taste the gelato just by looking at the picture!
    Max I hope you are drawing in your journal ’cause I can’t wait to see what YOU thought was cool about your every day adventures.
    Em, you look like you could be the Queen’s daughter in that GREAT hat. Josh, Blessings to you to try and get work done when the adventure opportunities abound at every turn! And my sweetest Patty, you are an AMAZING photographer, capturing, perspective and emotions and light sources. Your pictures and anecdotes are fun and YUM!
    Sending MOLT’ AMORE,

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