Photos from Capri

Saturday we traveled, Sunday was a Capri adventure (a few pix below), today was driving in logjam traffic on rainy Amalfi coast (finally ending up in depressing Napoli), tomorrow is a mystery!

Sunday was glorious:


3 thoughts on “Photos from Capri

  1. I want you to know this blog is killing me. Looks fantastic and exhausting which it should be. the lemons hovering over the gelati stand. and those big scoops at the table. ahhh. hey when bella comes home with Havi today I will share the news and great photos. you should be trvel agent Patty. well tell us where you are on wednesday. the big moon. full big bright and earthy. pick something in honor of the budda moon. but not your noses. love ya all is smooth and fine. . love and licorice kisses jane

  2. Wow–glad to hear from you and see a bit of your adventure. I could almost hear the sounds of the crowd, the splash of the water and smell of the salt air; and wafting coffee from the sidewalk cafes….ahhh….

    How fortunate that you’ve had this opportunity together–enjoy, enjoy.

    We miss you and will look forward to your return!
    Best, Leigh Ann

  3. Hi all,
    I love your blog.
    Reading about your time in London reminded me of our fun trip to London. We loved going out for tea!
    Capri looks beautiful.
    Happy almost birthdays to Max and Emma!

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