E: Pompei

About May 1:




We are about to go to Pompei, where ancient houses survived
but now they are ruins.





This is a person covering their face up because of the ash from the volcano. People couldn’t escape because the volcano erupted without any warning.





This is a pot that has women and children on it.





Max and I are stepping on big stones because we want to cross the road. When people still lived in Pompei they would walk on these stones if ox poo was flooding the road.






Here Max is standing next to a millstone. Two wooden bars would go into those square holes and ox would pull the stone around and then the grain would get crushed into flour.





This is me looking into an oven. It is pretty dark in there. I can imagine someone just putting their bread in there and cooking it. While it was baking, a big BOOM and the sky turned black as night.








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