J: Passages

I mentioned before that our trip up the Amalfi coast on April 30 was crazy. For months Patty was planning an excursion to several yummy bakeries and artisnal food places… but truly outrageous traffic consipred against.

As we came into Positano we got stuck in a 2+ hr traffic jam – because this huge line of busses just STOPPED on the highway to disgorge their hordes.


When we finally made it out of Positano, after some rather bold around-the-bus driving, we were happy.


At least we were not doing this job… p1050099.jpg
It got to be raining pretty hard!


Despite it all, there were some lovely moments…


Once we gave up on the coast we went inland – tried to go to the pasta factory, but was closed by the time we arrived…


We are all getting pretty tired…


After looking for pizza in town after town (closed b/c of time and holiday) we found something to eat at the Autostrata — in honor of this day of GRRR, they were out of pasta and we shared 2.5 servings…


Once in Naples we finally got to a hotel (couldn’t stay on base b/c they did not check about kids…) — but in the end we found some surprises…

We stumbled upon this huge "arcade" hall — 19th C shopping mall…


Here’s one of the old doors/gates – wonder what kind of shop it was in 1890?


Then we found a lovely old pizzeria…


and had our best meal so far in Italy


Yesterday was exciting. In addition to Pompei and other adventures…

We had a lovely b-day celebration for Max – the hotel staff came and sang and brought cake…


and champagne…


And when she pulled on it in the train station Emma’s latest tooth…


came free. The tooth fairy brought her €2



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