M: The Volcano Park


Today we went to the volcano. The park is called volcano park [ed note: Sulfatara]. This is me in front of a sulfur cave. In the olden days they thought that sulfur was good for you. They would come and breathe the sulfur.


Emma and I are standing in front of a cave with sulfur crystals sticks sticking up and down like stalagtites and stalagmites.



This is a steam vent.

I’m leaning over a steam vent to get a closer look.


This is a steam vent coming out a brick wall.


The sulfur smelled like rotten eggs. When I touched the steam vent I burned my finger twice. I really liked finding cool lava rocks and gasses. It was exciting to go to the volcano park.


3 thoughts on “M: The Volcano Park

  1. Dear Max,
    I was glad to see your birthday cake! I’m sure it was not as good as your mom’s but I hope you didn’t tell them that at the restaurant 🙂
    The volcano park looks like the perfect kind of place for you. Sorry you burned your finger!

  2. HI Max

    Lovely pictures – very cultural and interesting. Someone sent me an email today saying that they felt like a noodle. I thought that was such a cool expression . . . and I thought of you because you loooveee noodles!

    Love to Emma and your mum and dad 🙂

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