E: Umbria

Today it is my birthday. But I am not writing about my birthday. I am writing about the very very very special last day I was 7 day before my birthday (yesterday).

I am going to Umbria! It’s going to be so rockin’ fun!!! I’m going to have my birthday there!


I am on the train from Rome to Umbria. It was tricky because we accidentally got on the first class train car so we had to go through all the train cars back to second class. Max and I are playing Frog Juice, a card game I got on the airplane.


When we got to Spoleto (our town in Umbria) we went to our super-duper retal house. And guess what? Max and I even got a secret fort. I got a loft bed. Mama and Daddy didn’t want Max to sleep in his own room alone, so we folded out the chair in my room so Max has his bed there.

In the evening we went for a walk around Spoleto. We saw a stringed-instrument maker.


After that we went to a giant humungo church. Max and I played soccer with some Italian kids, but Max hit the ball right into my face and it hurt so I did not play anymore.


Now it is the next day and we are driving to Deruta to get a new salt pot for Mama because Max and I broke her salt pot when we were baking together. We stopped because Mama and Daddy wanted to take pictures of the pretty wild poppies.


In one of the shops when we were looking for the salt pot, the shopkeeper invited us to his work table. He taught us how to paint this bird design. It is an old design but very simple. There is a dragon design that you have to do perfectly because most of them are the same. He let me have some teeny tiny cups and pots; they were about as big as buddy’s hand.


This is in Assisi. We were walking around in Assisi and we saw some people dressed up in costumes. We followed them and we saw more and more and more. And then we found out that they were going to do a show, but we don’t really know what it was called, we found a poster though. We think it is about the famous monk, his name was Francis of Assisi and he became a Saint. We saw people dressed up as skeleton bad-guy-thingys, and birdies, and kings and queens and knights and guards and even children dressed as old-fashioned children. And we saw a little girl with a nummy in her mouth, and we even saw that a mom made a boy a special wheel chair because he couldn’t use his real one in the show.


This is Max and I jumping off a bench at the gate of Assisi.


I didn’t show a picture of dinner, I am kind of tired of Italian food, but dinner was perfect, it was like Mama’s yummy food, it was not like boring pizza after pizza after pizza. After dinner we went out to gelato. Mama wanted to take a picture of these flippy cone towers. I had mint and chocolate, it was yum yum yummy.



3 thoughts on “E: Umbria

  1. Happy belated birthdays to all. we have been in our own birthday orld ourselves. I am glad it is over. 5 courses at Manresa and 5 pounds later. any hoot, Bella had her first sleep over with shani. She loved it. A straw bail house with a vineyard overlooking the county, she decided while sitting in the hot tub that” life was good “well kids thanks for the stories and we cannot wait to hear about it when you come home. see you real soon. chao bella.

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