J: B Day in Orvieto

For E’s b-day we went to Orvieto; we took the winding roads through the middle of Umbria. Here’s a pix on the way:


We found a spot for lunch. E wanted to hear all about the moment of her birth and the story of what happened in her first hours. M wanted his story too.


E wanted us to sing right at 1:50 – almost the exact time of her birth, adjusted for timezone. We had to wait for dessert, though, and the restaurant surprised E w- a b-day candle.


After lunch, we climbed the clock tower:


Here are the bells:


There was a great view from the top. See the metal cage on the left? Max kept climbing near and on it.


Max was going near there again when suddenly the bells started ringing. Both P and I immediately thought “What did he do????”


The poor thing was SO scared – he’d been right next to the bells when they started ringing. It just happened to be 3:00…


There is a lovely cathedral in the town. The fascade has intricate stonework and mosaics:


And beautiful curves…


It was raining on and off, so the light and texture was wonderful as we walked around. These towns are full of little alleys to explore. Here is one:


Orivieto is known for it’s vast network of caves. Max was disappointed that he was not allowed to carve and dig, but he did find some interesting stones. They are volcanic tufa and ash. Needless to say he left the caves totally covered in dirt.


When we got home there was much production for b-day festivities… decorations, thrones… and many candles.


But the candle-box was printed in Italian, so we did not know they were “re-lighting” candles. It was a hilarious moment as everyone helped blow them out.


Then Nana had a birthday too:


And we topped it all off with some gelati:


All in all it was quite a day!


One thought on “J: B Day in Orvieto

  1. Dear Emma,
    I’m glad you had a special Italian birthday and a special last day of being 7. I bet you are very tired at the end of each day because you seem to do a lot of things!

    Dear Max,
    Too bad about not digging in the caves! At least you got to go in them and imagine what you might find if you could dig.

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