E: Gratzie

We had a great time at the hot spring on Monday. The water was a little bit too warm for me so I kept getting out and going in the cold shower. When we drove there Daddy was working so Mama had to drive the car and I navigated for her.

On this trip I learned how to take pictures. It is fun taking pictures. I take pictures until my battery runs out — I had to charge my battery a lot! I learned that a good picture needs good light.


Here one of my good light pictures.


At the end of the day we went home. Max and I did trapeze tricks on the swingset at our rental house. It was fun!






I am going to miss Italy but I am going to be glad to snuggle in my own warm bed and see my snuggly nice friends again. I will miss the good food, the tiny hill towns, and the big sights.




Thanks for reading about our great trip!


– Emma


One thought on “E: Gratzie

  1. Dear Emma,
    your “good light” picture is great! I love the angle you used.
    Can’t wait to see you!

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