Emma: A World of Treats in Montreal

This is me at Marche Jean Talon in Montreal eating my strawberry & chocolate crepe.  This creperie is really good and last year it was only 1/3 the size it is now so I think a lot of other people like it too!

This is me eating the best gelato in the world at Jean Talon again.  I almost like it even better than gelato in Italy.  The flavor I am eating is cheese-strawberry and lemon.  The strawberry tasted like gelato should taste, it was creamy and the lemon was like a rainbow in my mouth.  If you ever go to Montreal you better taste this!

Today we went to St James hotel to have tea and I looked at the menu.  The hotel is really fancy and everything is gold and sparkely.  Guess what?  The people who stand in front of the hotel at the steps even have a remote control that opens the door for you.
As you walk in on the right there is a library and in the library there is a giant crystal chandelier that’s sparkley pretty.  As you pass the library you come to the front desk and then into the tea room with a giant tall carved ceiling.  There are two lamps at the back of the room that are held up by sculpture cats. There are stairs going up to the guest rooms and they have a fancy red carpet going down them, and there is a carved and curly wood hand rail.  Last year Mama took Max and I’s picture on the stairs.
The waiter brought to us to the same table where we sat last year.  The table was really fancy with a white table cloth and white napkins and sterling silver place settings.  The dishes were white with red designs except the silver trays and the silver sugar bowl and milk pitcher.  There were fancy doilies under all the food and dishes.  On one side of the table there was a blue couch decorated with metal pine-cone things with red and gold ropes, and I sat on the couch with Mama.  Max, Lotta, and Daddy sat in the chairs around the table.


This is a picture of Max and me after tea in the good light.  We are wearing the same clothes we wore to Christo and Megan’s wedding, and that’s pretty fancy.


In this picture I am happy.  After St James we went for a walk and I found a twonie on the grass and I think it’s really lucky because anyone else could have picked it up.  It was shiny and that’s how I found it.


It was a super dooper day. And that’s the end of my story for today!


One thought on “Emma: A World of Treats in Montreal

  1. Dear Emma
    You and Max look beautiful all dressed up. I am thinking now of doing ‘tea’ at fancy places with my son Jamie and daughter Hannah . . .and think it might be one of those really fabulous things to do in life. . . like hanging disco mirror balls in your light fittings, another example. Jamie and I went to Edinburgh last weeks and went to 3 (yes, three) breakdancing shows in two days!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your trips. I love to watch you travel to wonderful places.
    Keep an eye on your mum and dad. . . . they need it!

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