Max: Chocolate & Tea

I really liked doing fondue.  It’s really yummy especially the chocolate.  We had chicken dipped in broth and bread dipped in cheese and fruit dipped in chocolate.  This restaurant is near Lotta’s house in Pointe Claire and it’s called Fondue du Prince.


And we went to the farmers’ market and these are all the onions we saw.  There was a nice gelato place in the market and there was a good crepe place or creperie.  I had a sugar crepe with canelle (cinnamon).  We go to this market every year, and it’s called Jean Talon.


And we had lobster.  We got the lobster at Jean Talon market alive.  Daddy is rubbing it on the back to put it to sleep before cooking it so it doesn’t feel the pain when Daddy throws it in the boiling water.  I did not want to taste the lobster so I had noodles instead.  The noodles came from Jean Talon too.  I saw the noodles get made right there and then.


 We went to a fancy tea party and this is what the hotel is called.


The end.
– Max


One thought on “Max: Chocolate & Tea

  1. Dear Max
    Thank you for sharing your lovely new trip. The fondue looked amazing. I think I must start eating chocolate again.
    Hope to see you one day soon.


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