Emma: The first day of surprises

One day Mama & Daddy put us in the car. They wouldn’t tell us where we were going. I wanted to know!

Finally we got out of the car at a sign that said SCRAP. We asked for lots and lots of clues but all they told us was it was a store. We went through the door and saw piles and piles and buckets and buckets of stuff. It’s a store where they sell recycled objects for crafts – they have everything there!

I bought four pieces of fabric, six tiny bottles, some leather for the bottom of my slippers, and other arts and crafts supplies.

Next we went to the best candy shop in the world, called Miet. I looked around Miette with my Aunt Megan and at last I choose a piece of salt water taffy, a caramel with bergamot in it, and a strawberry sourbelt. Here’s a picture of Megan picking a big stick of bannana salt water taffy. Megan and Christo came and met us at Miette for a surprise.

Then we all went together to a tea party at Lovejoy’s Tea House — a yummy tea party place with cute little tables and mis-matched tea cups.

I had a little pink petits four.



After tea Mama & Daddy pretended that we were going to leave and Christo & Megan were going home, but Daddy said he had some business to do so we went inside the lobby of the Hilton hotel. Then we went up an elevator because Daddy said he had to check something — and then he gave us a room key! We went into our room, checked it all out, then we went to dinner.


We went a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakech. We sat at really low tables on couches. We had a pie with chicken and nuts and it tasted like a Montreal crepe. Then there was a belly dancing show and the belly dancer gave me a lesson. Then Max fell asleep so we went back to our room.


This was a really surprising day!


2 thoughts on “Emma: The first day of surprises

  1. Hi to all of you,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful travel essays. Emma, I am really interested in seeing what art you create with all your findings. Let me know when you post a photo. Max – who moves the fastert – the big crabs or the little ones with smaller shells?

    Glad to see you all are having such a great time!


  2. Max, the image of you racing hermit crabs on the beach is a total delight for my mind! I am so happy you have so many kids to play with and are having a really fun time!
    Emma, Thank you for letting me know about the pouches that open on the bottom on koalas. I don’t get how the babies don’t fall out though…
    Patty, I cried when you asked to drink Emma’s kava instead of her having to do so…
    Josh, what can I say? Your brave and adventurous soul is inspiring…
    Thanks for including me on your trip!
    I love you all. Please feel my hugs around you.

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