Emma: The second day of surprises

sears.jpgThe next morning we had breakfast at Sear’s Fine Foods. Max and I had yummy little Swedish pancakes.

After that we went swimming back at our hotel. Then we walked to another surprise: A super-big fabric store called Britex. I bought a million new hair ribbons, including one with tiny little cupcakes on it. They had a whole floor of the shop with just ribbons. Look at all the different pinks they have!


Next stop – Chinatown! We were nice and lucky because they were celebrating New Years. We got to see two dragon parades and we got a delicious moon cake.


Our last stop we went to Zeum and made a claymation movie about WonderWorks, Mama’s new summer camp. It was one of the longest claymation movies we ever made – and one of the funnest.

It is nice to be at home again but we had a lot of fun on our surprise adventure. And next time we do it, it will be even more fun!


2 thoughts on “Emma: The second day of surprises

  1. Thank you Emma and Max for sharing your adventure with me. I enjoyed every minute of it!

    I would like to travel in your red suitcase to see the many sites you have seen.

    I am glad you have all the pictures of the adventures so you can enjoy them all over again when you get home.

    Lots of love,

  2. Maxie and Emma I am so tired travelling with you to Fiji and Australia throught the internet that I must lie down now but what a great time I had love lotta

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