E: Octopus

We got to Octopus yesterday.  We came on a small boat and Fijians were singing for us on the beach.  The water looked clear aqua except for the coral reef where the water was dark.  They took us to bure 7 that we would stay in.  A bure is a little house with a woven palm leaf roof.  The beds have mosquito nets over them which is annoying because I can’t open the window.  I woke up in the night and wanted to look out the curtain and I didn’t see the net, so I was like, “hey, what’s this in the way of the window?”


There is a big pool for some people to practice scuba diving in.  Today I stayed in it all day starting after breakfast – except when I was in the ocean.  Now my nails are really clean!   It’s really deep in the middle and I liked diving down and getting stuff, but the water pressure is really pressure-y.


The ocean is gorgeous here.  We snorkeled a lot.  We saw really cool fish and some purple coral and other colors.  When Mama and I were out together we saw an awesome red fish that was about a foot long.   It’s scary when you’re next to the coral because it’s sharp, but all the colors of coral and fish and water are like a sparkly rainbow.


2 thoughts on “E: Octopus

  1. Your bure looks like a fairy tale house. Do you think you would like to learn scuba-diving when you get old enough? I would like to, when I get old enough 🙂
    I like your vivid description of the coral reef. I wish I could have been with you to enjoy the sunset!

  2. Emma,
    What adventures you are having! To swim next to swaying coral in water the color of aquamarines is so very special!

    The little house looked like a house out of a fairy tale from the outside. I was waiting for Hensel and Gretel to look out the window.

    But, the mosquitoes don’t sound like too much fun. Good news you had the mosquito nets.

    How very much I appreciate reading about and seeing your trip while you are still there. I love being tucked into your red suitcase.
    Love you,

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