M: Splashing in Fiji

We woke up really early this morning because of jet lag so we stayed in bed and then finally we went for a walk on the beach.  We found a few shells the color of loquats, and others the color of bananas. 

After breakfast we went snorkeling.  When we were snorkeling we saw lots of cool fish; bright blue fish, and stripy brown, grey, orange, and gold fish – even a puffer fish.  We saw really cool clam things that were really colorful with wavy mouths and they slowly opened and closed their mouths.  The coral was different colors – green, white, orange, purple, blue, and red. 

After snorkeling we played in the water for a little bit.  Emma had a time out and then she went in the pool while I was searching for crabs.  Then I came up to the pool and played in the pool with Emma and the other kids and we had a great time.  Some of the kids are really nice.  Emma had a few friends and I had a few friends so we had fun.  Most of the kids are from Australia and there are a couple of boys who live here, and there were a couple of people from America.

Then I was really starving so we had a smoothy and an energy bar and then we started blogging.  This afternoon we’re going to keep playing and I’ll tell you about it soon!




2 thoughts on “M: Splashing in Fiji

  1. I’m glad you made some friends in Fiji, that probably made it more fun. And I’m glad you didn’t make friends with the puffer fish, cause that could be dangerous. You must be getting pretty good at snorkelling, because you had some practice in Hawaii, right? I love snorkelling, but sometimes I still get salt water in my mouth–yuck. love,

  2. Max,
    What an amazing experience! I have never seen as many fish as you describe except at the aquarium.

    Did you find a lot of crabs, or other shells that were still alive?

    The swimming and snorkling in warm water must be a real treat.

    I am sure that it was fun meeting new friends from Australia and from the island.

    Can’t wait for your next adventure!

    Lots of love,

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