Mafia Island

One of the things I learned to do in Fiji is to play volleyball. We have our own rules and I think it’s really fun! There are so many kids here, there’s like 20 including us two.

Today we snorkeling on another island called “Mafia Island.”

On this trip we also went snorkeling with the manta rays. The first time I didn’t see any. But the second time we went after lunch on Mafia Island I saw one! The ray was big! It had a long tail. It was between grey and black, with big wide wings it flapped to swim.

Here’s a picture of us coming back to Octopus on the boat. We’re tired because it was a long day and I was really salty and crispy. It was another wonderful day in Fiji.


3 thoughts on “Mafia Island

  1. Hi Emma & Max!
    Wow! It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time, not wearing shoes, snorkeling, drinking mystery water with the elders. I have been interested in Fiji for a while now and your blog has helped me imagine it even more clearly. Thanks for all the writing you did. Really looking forward to seeing your sun-drenched, Island-infused faces soon!

  2. I am so pleased to read each and every detail about your Figi experience. The volleyball on the sand is in the Olympics. (I did not know that until watching them the other day.)

    I wish I was shell collecting with you. I bet they are beautiful!

    Now on to your next adventure.

    Lots of love to you all,

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