E: Austalia Zoo (Home of the Crocodile Hunter)

Yesterday we landed in Australia and today we saw the wackiest animals!

Some animals I was looking forward to seeing, and some animals I learned about at the zoo.  Like this cool bird, and echidna, and wallabee (I had no idea what a wallabee was, I just knew the name of it).

First thing we went to at the zoo was a crocodile show.  Crocodiles hunt by sensing a vibration.  In the show they did this by stamping to make him come over to where they wanted.  One of the times the crocodile was laying there with his mouth open and wouldn’t take the treat, so the guy threw the rat into the croc’s mouth.  The croc didn’t seem to know and just sat there in the sun with its mouth open in the sun.  Disgusting.

One of the animals I was looking forward to seeing was the koala.  Koalas are little cute fuzzy dudes.  Did you know they are not really bears?  They have a pouch — kangaroos’ open at the top of the pouch, koalas’ pouches open at the bottom of the pouch.

Another animal that I liked was the wombat.  It’s sort of like a buddy bear and a piggy mixed together.  It’s really cute and there was one curled up sleepy in a log.  It’s also a marsupial like the koala and the kangaroo.

I thought the Tasmanian Devil was going to be really fancy but when we saw it, it looks sort of like a rat.  It had sharp claws and sharp teeth, and huge habitat where it was running around – it wouldn’t stay still.

That was really fun and I can’t wait to go to the rainforest tomorrow so we can see more crazy Australian life!


3 thoughts on “E: Austalia Zoo (Home of the Crocodile Hunter)

  1. Emma,
    HOW does the baby koala not fall out the bottom of its’ mom’s pouch? (and I guess crocodiles must have a very small brain!).
    Grammy (who is getting better with the comment function!)

  2. I bet it will be harder to see animals in the rainforest than in the zoo, because they will be camouflaged. But I’m sure it will still be really fun. I wouldn’t describe the wombat as cute, exactly…

  3. Emma;
    What fun to see animals you have only read about.

    Do Australian kids have wombats as pets?

    I am looking forward to your Rainforest trip. Will there be animals there, or only plants?

    Lots of love,

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