J: Farewell Fiji


Sun balm also required!

We all spent a lot of time in the water. When we were tired of the endless variety of the coral reef, the pool beckoned. Both kids spent most of their vacation there, especially Emma. One of my favorite memories is snorkeling with P & the kids, floating amid the darting rainbows. Maxie squeezing my hand in excitement and pointing to a new wonder.



I got to try breathing underwater – it was so fun Patty did it too. Next time we’re for scuba!


Unfortunately I got a bit of a cold/flu/yuck-thing, but I guess if you’re going to be sick this is the right place for it! Still managed to partake in the feast of idyll. Speaking of feasts, the food at Octopus is double-yummmmm.

The dining-room floor is fine coral sand, with an open veranda looking out into the glorious ocean.

Even Max loved the food here!



Another highlight was new friends. There was a panoply of under-12 characters ready for endless playtime. The stars of this show were Ellie & Jack, in the middle of a 2-month round-the-world adventure (their parents got to come too) – hard to believe we’ve only been friends a week. Here’s Max & Jack at one of their “usual” activities:

And Emma and Ellie in their big-sister lair:


I was impressed by the relationship between Octopus and the villagers of this island. Of course there is a lot more to the story than the version told to the tourists, but clearly there’s a mutual commitment to build a sustainable relationship. Perhaps this is a key contributor to the positive “vibe” at the resort – amazing how staff respond when they feel good about the place they work.

Of course I was fascinated to consider this community and culture changing; seeking a new way towards prosperity while holding onto some essence of the past. On a small island the pace of change is at once invisible and epic. I wonder what stories these children will distill from their lives shared with a resort.




But most of all my memory of our week is of this startling teal bay, waiting with cool mystery.


3 thoughts on “J: Farewell Fiji

  1. Oh, Josh, it is OS beautiful! And HOW do you and Patty find these places!! This is a must for me, with water like this! By the way, I only scuba dived once, off Maui, and still remember vividly playing with a small purple baby octopus.

  2. Max,
    I am glad you got to do a lot of digging and shell-collecting in Fiji. I hope you are having fun in Australia now that your cold is better.

  3. Hi you all;
    Your Fiji adventures were so awesome. I am just amazed that Max drank that stuff and Patty, that was so nice that you took yours and Emma’s too.

    Thank you so much for the stories, the pictures and the thoughts traveling this way.

    Miss you all and love you.
    mom and grandma

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