E: City Shops

Today was sort of a flop around time in Brisbane. So we walked around town for a while until we found an old fashioned Teddy Bear shop.

There were bears on every shelf all dressed up. There were bears with watering cans to tend the garden, bears with pearl necklaces all ready for a party, bears with long fur and others with short bristly hair like Steif.

There were some REALLY expensive bears in the shops, the collector bears. We didn’t see any bear like Buddy because he’s priceless.






Something our family likes to do when we travel is go to High Tea. In Brisbane we went to tea at a fancy place on the river. Here are the cakes we had and they didn’t taste as good as they looked. Today we went to a different tea place that was really nice at the Queen’s Market Mall

It had chandeliers and stained glass. Everything was super dainty– fresh roses in the vase, painted plates on the walls, silver tea service. And then when the food came it was huge whopper portions and it was funny because it didn’t match the rest of the place. But it was really good because the food was yummy. I had a frosted cupcake, Max had a huge plateful of pavlova and Mama had a scone ( sounds like “on” in Australia) as big as a grapefruit!



Another awesome store we saw was the Croc Shop! It had all kinds of colors and styles of Crocs. There were flip flop Crocs, and snow boot Crocs, mary-jane Crocs and every color of regular Crocs. Crocs are an Australian company and they are very popular here. Max got a pair of Croc rainboots in Orange (his signature color!)






For lunch we went to this great Sushi shop that is like a bakery. All the sushi handrolls are displayed in glass cases. I had tempura prawn (as they call shrimps here) and we got this salmon and avocado roll for Daddy. It is really popular place and the line goes out the door at lunchtime. Our host Melissa said that sometimes the line goes down the block!

Tomorrow we are going to Southbank and we are looking for a cupcakery. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



6 thoughts on “E: City Shops

  1. Dear Emma,
    Isn’t it too bad when cakes don’t taste as good as they look? You should just bring some of your mom’s treats along everywhere as backup. I like going out to tea also.
    I’m in Montreal right now with Lotta.
    I hope to see you soon when we are all back in California!

  2. Have you learned any songs from the region? In summer camp we used to sing about a kookabeara (?) sitting in an old gum tree, Waltzing Matilda, Australia is a very fine place, and some others that I’ve forgotten.
    Looking forward to hearing all your stories in person.

  3. Dear Emma, Max, Josh, and Patty,

    I’m just catching up with your great blog about your trip. It sounds like so much fun. When you’re done with Australia, consider visiting us in Massachusetts. It would be great to see you.

    Helen (and Dan and Miren and Jane)

  4. Wow, I can’t believe all the places you guys have been lately, looks like a ton of fun. BTW Crocs is actually a Colorado company headquartered just up the road from us. Hope to catch up with you guys sometime soon. Ashley and I are heading to Paris tomorrow since the boys are with their mom.
    Much Love!

  5. hi! i just saw ur photo of the sushi shop. Is it in brisbane? in australia? im from montreal and im such a fan of sushi that i think that im going to go there just to see and the sushi so i can maybe do something similar here in Monteal lol. thxs for sharing – jojo

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