J: Macau

Went walking around a bit – there’s a big tourist area w lots of “antique” shops and some intriguing old buildings – like these:

macau building

macau building 2


These are off a walking street area – the street is flowing with visitors:

macau street

I also went over to the Venetian hotel – bling bling!

lobby of venetian hotel

sculpture in lobby of venetian, see the ceiling?

They even have gondolas – this is indoors!!

Quite a scene.


One thought on “J: Macau

  1. Hey Josh,
    I hope that Asia is treating you well and that it’s not all work and no play! Looks like you’re getting around a bit… The Venetian in Vegas looks very similar, funny that you can go all over the world and see an Italian city.

    Ash and I will be in Paris for a week starting tomorrow on vacation, should be great. It’s been a long time since I was there aside from frantic work trips. I just signed up for Skype and am getting the hang of it so if you see me online give me a ring at corin.oconnell

    Much love!

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