J: Tea in Hong Kong

Here’s the view of Hong Kong harbor from my hotel room – looking out at all the boats waiting on Sunday morning – Kowloon in the background:


My new friends Waris & Jenny took me around Hong Kong – this is in front a christmas display… it’s fairly tropical here, so Christmas seemed far away!

We went for “Yum Cha” which is Cantonese for “drink tea” — what we call Dim Sum.  They took me to a place that’s 80 years old, you share tables if you can grab space!  We sat with a very nice couple, the Leungs.  Mr Leung comes here “every other day” (according to Jenny – they spoke only in Cantonese!)  They taught us how to pour tea from these traditional cups.


In this place you have to be committed!  When carts come out with favorite dishes, there’s an immediate crowd pushing for dumplings…


Jenny & Waris were saying there is a paternalistic trend in this society – we saw it in action.  The Leungs kept telling us what to order and when a cart would come out they’d rush Waris to run for it.  They did have good tips though!  We had some super-yummy chicken pao – and Waris was thinking of getting more, Mrs. Leung exclaimed (again, translated by Jenny), “What!  More pao??”

After breakfast they let me take a picture with them:


We could call it YUMMMMM Cha – and this was just the start of packed day.


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