Setting Up My Garden is the Best Part of the County Fair

At the County Fair they have a Junior Garden contest.  This is my third year entering it.  Each year they have different themes to choose from.  This year I chose Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots.  I started making my plan about a month before the fair and then the more plans I made the more ideas I got.  The next step was to write a letter to ask for sponsorship and then take that to the nursery and landscape supply store; they both said yes.  It was time to start building my barn.

After we built my barn we had to paint it.  This is a picture of me painting my barn.  We dry brushed it to look like old wood.  It doesn’t look like this color because we rubbed dirt all over it.


We had to smear dirt on the wall and use spray paint to make it look weathered.  Max was waiting for days and days before he got to help with the dirt.


We went back to the nursery to pick out the plants for my garden. Then I layed them out and took pictures so I would know what to do at the fair setup.


This is me taking duff out of my area so we could get the barn\deck into the ground.


The barn is in and I am setting up my fountain. The water comes out of the rain gutter Into a bucket into some boots and spills out into the bucket that I’m putting on the deck.


I’m Pinning  the clothes up on the clothes line so I can plant in them.


I have to put a wire loop through some gloves so I can hang them on the fence.


We set something up I call a “tipsy turvey” and I’m planting in it.  We hammered a rebar in the ground and slid a pot onto it, then we put another pot and tipped it as far as it would go.  Then the next pot we tipped the other direction so it looks like they are going to fall down.


I’ve started the planting part and I’m looking at the pictures I took at the nursery to see which plants go in the tipsy tuvey, because if I use the wrong plants I won’t have them for where they are supposed to go.


We came back the next day and I finished planting and covering up pots.


I’m finally finished and covered in water and duff Ive trimmed and watered and in the end figured out that it is very,very impossible not to get wet.


This is the finished garden, I couldn’t believe that I had set it up. But the hardest part was still to come, waiting to see what the judges thought about it.


When I came back to my garden I was delighted at the ribbon I had been awarded.


Best in Show!


Today we are going to go take down the garden, which is going to be a bummer.  The nursery said we could keep at the jumbo packs to plant at our new house, but the rest we are going to give back.  Before I give the plants back I am going to trim them up so they are in good condition.

I am already trying to guess what themes they are going to use next year and looking forward to entering next year!


2 thoughts on “Setting Up My Garden is the Best Part of the County Fair

  1. Emma;
    Your garden was so beautiful! I felt really lucky to be able to see it in person. I know your other friends and family would have loved it too.

    What a lot of work (and fun)it was to do. Each year you seem to get better and better at it.

    I loved that you had so many different kinds of boots and buckets. The fountain really looked great.

    As I told Max, next year will be here before you know it.

    Lots of love,

  2. Dear Emma,
    Your garden is fantastic! When I saw the picture/map your dad emailed before I didn’t realize it had a fountain too. You put so much thought into the design and engineering, I can see why it got best in show.

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