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getting ready for fair & setting up
This year was a lot harder to get ready for the fair because we were moving and everything was packed.  I had to climb on boxes in our storage room and I almost broke my neck trying to find my legos and rocks.When I was getting ready for the fair, I had to set up my rocks and legos.  This year I wanted a piece of black velvet for my rock collection display.  We went shopping for it weeks ago.  I had to label my rocks and put them in the right spots on the display cloth.  It was challenging because I had to put the risers in the right places.  I also had lot of trouble remembering the names of some rocks.

My legos were exciting to bring to the fair because when I was dropping of my entry, there was a really big Death Star built of legos and it was about to fall over.  Also it was very hard to drop off the legos because the fair people didn’t have enough spots for all of the kids legos.  We had to make our own platform from a box and piece of wood.

going to see exhibits

I was feeling sick to my stomach when I was driving to the fair.  I was so excited to see what ribbons I got on my entries. First we went to my legos and I jumped up and down frantically when I saw I got first place! It was really hard to earn because there was lots of other entries.  Many kids had sets of legos but I made my scene from scratch using my imagination.  Then we went to see my rock collection and I also got a first place!  I was very excited and proud about my rocks.

When we went back to the fair a second day I got to look at other collections.  One kid entered a collection of 3D giant puzzles that were towers and buildings.  There were also a couple of lame collections like barbies and little pet shop things.  Collections are one of my favorite things at the fair to see.


Rides and treats are almost the best things about the fair.  In our family, we can get one treat each time we got to the fair.  Its really hard to choose.  This year I chose Kettle Korn and the second day we went I chose a sno-cone with Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade.  It turned my tongue blue and was so sweet.  We also got to go on 4 rides.  We did a giant slide where you sit on a mat and you go super fast over bumps.  Then we went on a twister ride that was very exciting and spiny.  You spin and fly through the air like a tornado.  They we went ride that was really fast and I got crushed by Emma and Bella. It wasn’t very fun.




I am sad that I have to wait another whole year to go to the County Fair.


2 thoughts on “Max’s Fair Blog

  1. Max,
    I loved the story of your Legos. You picked such a challenging competition because there were so many very good entries. I am so proud that you won first and proud that you worked so hard on it.

    Your rocks are outstanding. That too, was challenging to figure out how to place them and to remember all the names. You certainly deserved a first place for those too!

    You also seemed to have a great time on the rides and the extra time at the fair. Next year will be here before you know it.

    Lots of love,

  2. Dear Max,
    Wow! It was a good year at the fair for you. You worked hard on your entries and didn’t give up when you ran into trouble.
    Congrats on getting first place twice!
    I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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