J: Packing and Plane Schedule

We’ve been packing ALL day. We’ve got bags and boxes from Borneo, KL, and Singapore… The chaos is beginning to abate.


The kids are kind of flipping out w a blend of nervousness and excitement – and in Max’s case boredom as he’s been “waiting” (ie, not really helping)… tried to explain that it’s going to be even MORE boring once we get to the plane.

Emma’s “sequential concrete” processing style in major evidence when she was going to bed last night.  “What are you working on?” “My plane schedule.”  “But how will you know that you want to read at that time?”  “I’ll make myself.”

plane_schedOn the left is the hour-by-hour schedule in Singapore time, then CA time – then such highlights as:

1 am: Take off, origami, read *

2 am: Draw, read, maybe dinner *

* Some lines have a special “present” picture which means she gives herself a present or a treat…

Cross your fingers it all goes according to Emma’s plan – because there’s a nice solid 8 hours of sleep (+ 2 optional sleep hours — and a nap!)



5 thoughts on “J: Packing and Plane Schedule

  1. I am just trying to figure out where you placed that rug in the house! the back room? hey Emma ..I hope the on flight movie is on your schedual. I wish I was on that flight with you all! Love ,jane

  2. Emma,
    I love your plane schedule. I want to hear how it worked. Were you able to follow it? Were you able to sleep???
    In fact I want to hear ANYTHING you want to write about!!
    I bet you aren’t bored now!!! Send a picture of the probiscus monkey!!

  3. Dear Emma,
    Your plane schedule shows that you are following in the family footsteps 🙂
    I just hope you didn’t run out of books.

  4. Seems like a minute ago you were here in the drive saying goodby.

    I am so looking forward to pictures of the monkeys, the trek.

    Were you able to keep to the schedule, Emma.

    Are you using that great hat, Max?

    Lots of love till next time.

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