E: Our first day in Borneo

P1010042When Max an I woke up this morning (at 4:00 am Borneo time) we decided that we would go straight to the pool after breakfast.  We went to breakfast in our swimsuits and then jumped in!  The water was relaxing.  It was so nice to move around after such a long time sitting on the airplane the day before.  The pool is made up of three sections and two hot tubs (actually cold tubs today as the heaters were not working).  Max’s favorite part was the two small waterslides that connected two pools together.  I wish we could have an overhead photo to show you the layout.  There are real rocks all along the sides of the pool so it looks like you are in a lake.

We spent all day around the pools and met lots of new kids. We are the only Americans here that we know of.  Today we played with kids from Singapore, Ireland, Holland, and Hong Kong.


Almost all of the kids we met played chess and we got to have a big chess tournament on this totally awesome huge chess board.  Each square on the board is the size of a whole chess board (2 feet sq).  The pieces were solid wood and they were HEAVY and hard to lift.  It was more fun to play with heavy pieces because it made the pieces feel like they were real. It reminded me of the giant Wizard Chess game from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.P1150296

In the afternoon there was a demonstration of Sarawak tribal hunting with a blow dart gun.  We shot at balloons hung on a tree some distance away.  Some kids were reluctant to try but eventually everyone joined in the fun.  It wasn’t so hard because the hunter guy was holding the tube and aiming the dart for you.  We used darts without poison on them!


We’ve had so many adventures already just on the first day of our trip.  I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “E: Our first day in Borneo

  1. Emma,
    You looked gorgeous in your …..what is it called??? That beautiful piece fo clothing you are wearing!!
    How did your plane schedule work for you?

    • Dear Grammy,
      Momma & Daddy got my dress in the Cook Islands, it’s actually a piece of tie-dyed cloth and it’s polka-dotty because when they dyed it they put salt on it. In the Cook Islands it’s called a Pareu. You can tie it in lots of different ways, I’ve worn it as a skirt and as a dress.

      My plane schedule didn’t work so well because when Daddy scanned it he forgot to give it back to me, or maybe I just misplaced it, so I did the stuff that I remembered. I looked at the scanned picture on Daddy’s computer, but when I looked, it said “sleep” and I wasn’t sleepy. I wish I could have been sleeping because I was SO tired, but I just couldn’t go to sleep.
      Love you,
      – Em

  2. Emma;
    What a chess board! Those pieces really do look heavy. Could you lift them, or just push around?

    And the dart? Wow! Can you imagine hunting with that long pipe? Did you hit anything?

    Emma, you look so beautiful in your sarong, or whatever that beautiful multicolor drape is.

    It is great to meet kids from other parts of the world, maybe pick up some other languages?

    I am looking forward to your next adventure.

    Lots of love,

    • Dear Grandma,
      When we were shooting the blowgun I hit a balloon, it was red and it popped! My saraong-thing is called a pareu. We could lift all of the pieces but the king and the queen were REALLY heavy, it was really easy to lift the pawns.
      Most of the kids were leaving today, but maybe I’ll meet some more tomorrow!
      – Emma

  3. Hi Emma;
    The Pareu is so pretty and you look lovely in it.

    Sounds like the chess is more for ormanentation than for playing.

    Hope you meet some new kids tomorrow.

    Love you,

  4. Hey Max , want to move to Hawaii with me and plant mangusteens…spelling? I love them sooo much..have one for me at breakfast if you would ! The place looks lovely and fun…keep it that way! Love ya jane

  5. Wow, you guys. Your pink cheeks indicate that it’s been sunny and you’ve been out and about in that beautiful, lush setting – playing life-sized chess, swimming, making new friends, “hunting” balloons with darts, eating new foods, spotting huge lizards (OMG!). What an adventure. Glad you’re there safe and sound. Love to you both and your parents. ~ Carrie

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