M: Cool Foods and Creatures

When we came to the Borneo hotel and we were walking to our room, we passed a GIANT chess board.  There are wooden pieces that you can lift and move.  Emma and I have been playing chess a lot.  It reminds us of the Sorcerer’s Stone in Harry Potter.


I had the BEST mango pudding ever at this restaurant.  It was really sweet and creamy, it tasted tangy!  There are different foods here.  Last night at dinner we went to a buffet and there was really yummy fruits but there wasn’t very much that I liked.  At breakfast there was SO much I liked – eggs benedict and lots of fruit.  There is a fruit called mangosteens with little white lobes and there is a sort of peely shell around it, it’s tangy and sweet has a tint of orange and a pinch of mango.


We were walking down the path and I said, “I want to see the monitor lizard in the pond” and I looked over and the monitor lizard’s head was poking out of the lake!  It’s about as big as me, and it eats ANYTHING that it can swallow.


I am a tiny bit scared and excited about the creatures in Borneo.  Next time I’ll talk about some cool bugs I’ve seen.


6 thoughts on “M: Cool Foods and Creatures

  1. Max,
    Sounds like you are experiencing new fruits. Do they have any other food you are enjoying?

    That Monitor Lizard looks like an aligator to me. It certainly is large! Does it have teeth?

    I would have really been scared to see it.

    I can hardly wait till you send pictures of the bugs you have met.

    Lots of love,

    • Dear Grandma,
      In the morning there where some purple flowers about the size of my fist and there were BIG fat black beetles that looked liked humming birds and then we were walking to the restaurant and we saw a couple dead big bugs about the same size on the ground – cockroaches! And, when we finished eating we walked to the pool and there was a green big beetle that was alive and Daddy kicked it into the bushes.
      – Max

  2. Dear Max,
    I hope you have a good time in Borneo. I liked the pictures you sent and you quite interesting words. I’d like it if you’d send more pictures of the animals. You’re going to miss Halloween!


  3. Yes, insects are like living jewels… so you walk through a jeweled forest, don’t you. Worth preserving. For a sad and funny story about an orangutan taken to England, look at Durrell’s: A Zoo in My Luggage. ALL his books are wonderful.

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