J: Adventures Below

Today was a “banner day” in our adventure calendar.  It started with a boat ride to Gaya Island (here it is on Google).  There was some level of anxiousness… as we’re headed out, Max notices a little pocket on his life jacket.  I explain that’s a whistle, “in case you go overboard and no one sees you, you blow that.”  In total seriousness: “Thank you for telling me that Daddy.”

Max Goes to Gaya Island

First a briefing in this lovely “classroom”…


Then we all got our kit fitted out…

Getting Kitted Up for Scuba

And into the water!


At first it was VERY awkward – too much stuff!  But by our second dive we all were quite comfy.  The kids did a “Bubblemaker” intro – we imagined it would be in a pool, but they were out in the China Sea (well, not very far OUT, but the real thing!)  Patty & I did “Discover Scuba” and went to around 9m depth, saw TONS of corals and lots of cool fish.  I am sure the kids will blog about it soon.  We didn’t take the camera out as this one is only waterproof to 3m.
So those pictures are just in our heads for now.

The water was quite clear, and so warm!  Actually getting back to the beach it felt HOT!  While there is a lot of equipment, I found some moments where I was able to just float and watch, and it was effortless to balance all the stuff.  Where snorkeling feels like being an outside observer, this felt like I was IN the aquatic world.  Can imagine w a little more practice feeling lost in the currents.  Now as I close my eyes I see the ribbons of color and texture… or maybe that’s the jet lag back making my head spin.

Another fun moment was starting Emma’s “Why Borneo” video, spontaneous interview with the owner of the dive company.  Quick plug for Dive Below – everyone we encountered was engaged, awake, and glad to have us there – a treat to spend a day with these people.  Anyway, fascinating to watch how Emma “switches on” playing the role of interviewer with so much focus and poise.  Normally we pre-discuss things like this, but it was a spur of the moment thing, not sure how it would work, and she unfolded the dialogue with this interviewee, taking him to his best story so naturally.  I hope it came out well on tape.

Here’s a good summary of the adventure, as we were just heading back to KK from the island:


We’re all hooked – can’t wait to get back to someplace like this to do our open water certification, a passport to wander the streets of this world below.

We were going to stay in KK for dinner, but we were so wiped out we came back to the resort, hit the buffet (Max pretty much ignores the entrees to save room for dessert – Patty: “How many desserts does Max have on that plate?”  Me: “It’s probably better if you don’t know.”), and the kids were asleep in minutes.


5 thoughts on “J: Adventures Below

  1. WOW!!!!!

    I am there. I can just about feel that warm water. The pictures in your heads are hard to get to, however.

    What a great idea for Emma to interview on tape.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    We are on the last wedding for awhile. Raylene spent the night and might have something to say as well.
    Love you all.

  2. hey if you have the time go to Lombak and catch a tiny boat to gili air for certification..amazing…that is what i did and it was lovely …wow great for all of you what a super adventure!

  3. Wow – you are now officially underwater explorers and sun-kissed, adventure travelers!!!!
    So glad to be kept informed.
    (I married my first couple yesterday! Doesn’t quite compare to learning how to scuba but close – I felt so uplifted by the experience and loved the sweetness of Patty’s mom and Sand Rock Farm.) We’re in the heart of autumn here in CA, warm days mixed with the moisture of recent rain and wet soil. Bike rides are full of aromatic pleasure and the bronze of leaves in dappled sunlight.
    Love to all,

  4. You all look radiant! You are learning more than any classroom or University could teach you. These memories will live on forever. Drink it in, dance to the music, talk to everyone, share your thoughts/feelings and add it all to the fabric of your very BEING. Thanks for including us all on your adventure.

    With great enthusiasm and a longing to be there too!

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