P: And so we begin

P1010003Just 3 days ago, the red suitcase (our family travel mascot bag) was weighed up after a grueling week of packing.  We were concerned about our bag weight on several flights.  The kids were very efficient packers and although we have MANY bags (4 for each of us!) they are all relatively light.  This trip was a little tricky because we’re going for some adventures in Borneo and need trekking gear then later in KL we need city clothes.


Have you ever taken you kids 26 hours on the plane?  Don’t rush out and try it.  The trip was very smooth and only at the last hour of final flight did Max start to melt down.  All were grateful to make it to our beautiful hotel for some well earned rest.


Have you ever experienced  joy so unsurpassable that you think “I will never forget today, this moment will stay with me”

Our scuba adventure today was one of those kind of days.  With scary challenges to overcome and the thrill of doing something new.  It was bizarre to tell myself to breathe underwater.  I had to overcome my body’s opposition to the very idea of scuba!  But the water was balmy (30 c) and the corals beautiful.  On our second dive after lunch we launched from the boat.  For all you novices like me this means you drop yourself off backwards into the water with all your gear on.  Again I had to tear my brain away from my body and down I went backwards into the water in a storm of bubbles.  I was very disoriented and couldn’t find UP for a moment and then the water cleared and all was well.


I was struck looking at the kids today how independent and big they are now.  Both kids were off with their guide all day and we met up for lunch to swap stories of cool fish sightings.  E saw Giant puffer fish, P a purple nudiubranch, M clownfish, J rows of corals.


Tomorrow is another action-packed day for us.  We’ll be trekking in the jungle. (lots of anticipation about leeches— I kinda hope we get to experience the creepy suckers after all this wind up).  So we’ll shoot lots of pics and post tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “P: And so we begin

  1. Pat;
    The thrill of the water and doing something so new is certainly scary and exhilerating all at the same time.

    The different options you have from diving to trekking in the jungle will, I am sure never be forgotten by Emma and Max. They are getting big and independent, but still appreciate that you are there for them, guiding and supporting.

    Have you caught up on your sleep as quickly as the children seem to have.

    The trip out seems way too long!

    Love you lots,

    • Dear Jenny,
      We’ve trekked in the jungle with leeches and today we were in a giant cave with the floor covered with bat poo – there were cockroaches crawling all over the poo. So the last few days have been sort of gross, but now we’re in a nice place for 2 days then we’re going to an island to snorkel and I am looking forward to that. I miss you!
      – Emma

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