M: Kinabalu Adventures

Early in the morning, we came to the foot of Mount Kinabalu, the giant monster of green fur made of humungous masses of jungle like a looming shadow through the clouds.  I knew we were in for a great adventure.


On the way up the mountain we went to a village and saw lots of spikey fruits and it’s cool that we got to see them.


When we were hiking in the jungle we found a couple pitcher plants.  They looked like they were hungry.


We went to a place where there are rope bridges crossing the canopy.  We got to see down from 120 feet up.  I was scared but also excited.


We went to a botanical garden.  Our guide, Dominic, knew every single plant that we showed him.  It felt cool to have a private biologist who could answer so many questions.


I saw so many different fungi I couldn’t even keep track of how many I saw.  I saw small and big and round and bumpy and colorful fungi all over.  It was like a fairy world.  It was amazing to experience all of this texture and strange variation of colors.


Dominic said this fungus will turn black in a day, so we’re lucky we got to see it.  All this fungus got up there because a centipede crawled up with spores on it, dropping spores on its way up the tree.


I found a trilobite.  It was breathtaking.  It sort of looks like a roly-poly that’s large with orange stripes.  I thought it was a leaf, but when I looked closer I was that it was a bug.


On our first day of trekking I saw so much.








6 thoughts on “M: Kinabalu Adventures

  1. Dear F’s, I LOVE , LOVE your pics, especially the fern and the fierce plant with teeth. I am SO happy you are doing this Red Suitcase. I look forward to it each morning! It makes me really feel a little like I’m traveling with you.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this (I know it must be hard after a long day sometimes!)
    Miss you, but so glad you are doing such amazing things!!

    • Hi Mom! Isn’t that fierce plant amazing? P took that. I took the mushrooms “climbing” the tree, I really like it too.

      As you probably read from tonight’s post, we’ve had LOTS happening today. It’s now 11:30 pm and I should be exhausted, but I “had” to post about the Orangutan excitement. It is sometimes an extra effort to post, but part of the fun is having our family and friends “come along” through the blog!

      Tomorrow we’re off to a lovely island. Should be peaceful!

  2. Dear Max,
    Your image of the “green fur” mountain painted a wonderful picture for me!
    I’m glad you are having such a good time.

  3. Max,
    What an adventure crossing on the rope ladder. I bet it swayed. I know I would have been dizzy and probably not happy with the heights.

    The tilobite was so cool and would certainly look great in your room. (I showed Dean your house today as we were over cleaning up the yard with Raul. He thought your room was fabulous.)

    I am so very glad you are having so many adventures.

    Lots of love,

    • Dear Grandma,

      When we were on the bridge, all of us agreed that you would NOT like going on that rope bridge. It was 40 meters up, it was so high up you could barely see the ground.

      – Max

  4. Max;
    It is good to know you were thinking of me.

    When I went to Cornell, many years ago, I would cross a suspension bride to go over a gorge every day to classes. In the winter it was really slippery! I can’t imagine doing that today!

    Lots of love,

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