P: Happy Halloween!

dangerHappy Halloween from Borneo!

We collected a gallery of the grossest and scariest images we’ve shot so far. In Borneo they make’em big and creepy. So we hope you get the shivers!

Max and I posted captions on the photos, so click on the photo for a closer look (if you dare…)





Giant monitor lizards eats anything it can swallow!

Giant monitor lizards eats anything it can swallow!


We found this 2" moth on the steps


This orange bug is waiting on a leaf for a bird to eat it


We found this in the bathroom - so we call it the Bathroom Bug


This looks like a colorful leaf, but if you look closely it's an armored trilobyte


This tiger leech is one of the first we saw - it's looking for someone to bite


This is leech is filled with Josh's blood... yes, bloodsucker found in his armpit... this pix is in shower...


This is a big spider hiding from the rain


This giant cricket is on a tree - don't let it jump on you!


This is a 2" snail that we found on a tree


Look closely - there is a stick insect almost perfectly camoflauged


These humungous cockroaches are SWARMING on every surface in the cave


More cockroaches in the cave - they were slippery under our feet on the boardwalk


This cockroach is gobbling bat guano bite by bite


We were told these long legged centipedes HURT when they bite - a sting so fierce it can put you into a coma - and they're swarming over the inside walls of the big cave.


This shiny black centipede is waiting to eat a small ant


This kind of scorpion sprays a vinegar-like juice when they are threatened - we found these guys on a tree at night - about 2.5" long each!


One thought on “P: Happy Halloween!

  1. Yikes! It is Halloween and I don’t think I will sleep well tonight! I am imagining bugs in my bed hiding under my pillow and crawling into my arm pits! Thank for the visual image of these MONSTER size bugs ready to nibble on ME!

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