M: Saving the Orangutans

We were at the Orangutan Reserve in Sepilock Borneo.  It is a place where they rehabilitate super cute little organs who have lost their parents through poaching or palm plantations.  It was super duper hot. It was like you were in a sauna all day.  There were a couple hundred acres of protected rainforest.  The jungle looked like a mess of green.  Light green, dark green, wasbi green, ocean green, bark green  and every kind of green there is.  All of the trees were amazing.  They had different leaves and fruits and things growing on them.


When the orangs came for their food everyone was super excited.  People had to be quiet so the Orangs didn’t get scared.  Some people didn’t obey the rules and I found that very rude because they were being disrespectful.  The keepers fed the Orangs baby bananas and rice porridge .


The first time I saw the Orangs I felt they were cute and they looked funny.  The second time we visited I thought about them a lot differently.  We just came back from spending time on the river.   I looked at the rainforest and animals and I saw their importance.  Without the animals and plants– even little tree frogs or a decomposing fungus, then the whole rainforest would die.  Animals and plants work together to keep the rainforest running.  Since there are so many palm plantations there aren’t as many big trees for animals to live.  I felt really sad because there weren’t enough trees for the Orangs.  I felt mad that people were cutting down the rainforest.  I wanted them to stop.  I couldn’t understand why they needed more and more palm plantations.

On the third visit I wanted to do something to help the Orangs.  I interviewed a couple of scientists who worked the  at Sepilock.  They said the best way to help the Orangs was to spread the word about the dangers for them.  Something I could do today was adopt an Orang.  We made a donation to help support the care of an Orangutan named Cheria.  Cheria means happy in Malay.

As we left the center the donation didnt feel like enough.  So I talked with my sister and mom and dad about doing more.  We brainstormed a bunch of ideas to help raise money for the Orangutan Reserve and spread the word about them. I felt like I had to stay up all night to work out the ideas because I was so excited about it.  I cant wait to get started on the project.



4 thoughts on “M: Saving the Orangutans

  1. Max;
    I hope the Orangs know what a friend they have in you.

    You think about the whys of things. We should all question why more palms and less rain forest.

    I am glad you and your sister and mom and dad are thinking of good ideas to help more than just one that you might adopt.

    I am sure you will get many to help you help them. I will try to think of something as well.

    Hope you find something else to eat, other than rice.

    Love you lots,

  2. Dear Max,
    I really like orangutans too, but I have never had the chance to see them in the wild.
    With your efforts to help protect their habitats, maybe I will have a chance to see them in the wild someday.

  3. I am reading of your exploits and am transfixed! I keep thinking of you and your family stepping in our grandfather’s footsteps 75 years later! You guys should think about putting together a book when you return!


  4. Hey you guys,
    The deeper and farther you travel, the more descriptive the writing becomes. You must be awe-inspired by what you’re experiencing – writing like that only comes from deep relaxation and an earnest attempt to describe the wonders that surround you. I’m getting the feeling that words cannot encapsulate your experiences. But do keep trying! Pictures and words are keeping us all up to date and in awe from afar.
    Love to you all.

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