J: Lounging in the Sulu Sea

Tomorrow morning we head back to busy-ness — 7 am boat to Sandakan, then to airport for flight to Kuala Lumpur (KL).  KL is a BIG city, hard to imagine that here.  We’re in the dining room hanging out after dinner, the full moon is up and the waves are lapping on the shore 10 feet away.  Emma is “chatterboxing” so I think she’s feeling better!

We’ve had a lovely time here, with magical experiences with sea turtles, Patty will blog that soon.  I managed to recover a few pix from the damaged underwater camera, uploaded a few along with a couple other images from Lankayan.  Click the image or link to go over to the album on Picasa:


2 thoughts on “J: Lounging in the Sulu Sea

  1. Hi guys!
    What a difference from the jungle and the mud.

    This is definitely more my kind of adventure!

    Hope you are all well and ready for a city kind of exploration.

    As Michael said, a book in the making for the Freedman Family Red Suitcase.

    I love the pictures of the water and life under.

    I am assuming that Max enjoyed the Halloween candy was enjoyed along with rice on Halloween. It must have been a fun surprise.

    Glad you are feeling better.
    Love you all,

  2. Bella and I just viewed the photos and ohhh and ahhhhed with each new frame! wow kiddies you are out in the middle of no where…being in the moment….nothing like it. Max save some of that candy for trading when you get home!
    Super fun to read of your great adventure , get ready for culture shock! Stay mellow Patty-Patty!!! you look so beautiful and rested….but eat eat dahhhhllling!! love to all from your Blake street jewish mother!

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