M: Butterflies & Bugs in KL

We went to a Butteryfly Park in Kuala Lumpur. The park was inside a giant net. The butterflies were flying all around through a garden paradise. There were paths winding through trees and flowers. There were lots of butterflies.

At the park we walked around at took lots of photos. My camera is really good at taking close ups so I was able to get some nice shots.

When Emma wasn’t looking we picked up butterfly wings and dead butterflies off the ground and put them in my camera case. I wanted to save them to give to her for her collection.

(foto caption: Here’s Max standing in front of a case of jewel-hued chrysalides with butterflies ready to emerge)

Then we went inside to the displays, I got to see Horned Toads.  Also we saw big stick insects and giant millipedes over 12” long!!

It was a very good place to go and see bugs.

After lunch at our hotel, Mama and I displayed the butterfly wings and butterflies for Emma. She was really happy and she liked them a lot.


5 thoughts on “M: Butterflies & Bugs in KL

  1. Max,
    Cool critters and good photos! And YOU look so happy, like you’ve grown and explored and you’re in your element.

  2. Max,
    Did you take those butterfly pictures? They are REALLY excellent! I especially like the one in which you can see the wings moving. I don’t love hte wormy ones so much, but then I am not fond of worms!
    Love, Grammy

  3. Hi Max,
    What a kind and caring brother you are! You knew that Emma would love your idea of giving her the collected wings. What a dear surprise you created for her. Great photos!


  4. Max;
    I wanted to answer you at once the other day, but got tied up with wedding people (people looking to get married in the future.)

    I just relooked at all the pictures and they are really exceptionally clear. I don’t think my camera can take a closeup like the one you did of the moving butterfly. That was really exceptional.

    As your Grammy said, I don’t care for the foot long millipeds either. I don’t even like the ones we have here that are only a few inches long. (I found one climbing a wall the other day.)

    That was so nice of you to give your sister the butterfly wings. Are you collecting anything right now?

    I really miss you guys and hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

    I am going to Texas to see your Aunt Kathy and Mike. (Mike just got back from Thailand and China.)

    It is only a couple more weeks before you come home. It seems like you have been gone a really long time. But, maybe it does not seem so long for you.

    Lots of love,

  5. oS !gniticxe ev’I deyojne gnilevart htiw .uoy gnikooL drawrof ot gniraeh erom seirots tuoba ruoy serutnevda nehw uoy nruter .emoh ,evoL tenaJ

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