Ski Tastic Time

We weren’t sure how it would be getting the munchkins back on skis after a year with no practice – but they were great!  After just a few mins they were shlushing (or however you spell that) along like nobody’s bizness.  Equally exciting as the kids progress was Josh’s 6-mo-post-op knee – fitter than ever!  Josh2.0.

Some people were looking forward to snowball fighting the whole time!  “How about now?”  “Now?”  “Snowball time yet?”…. finally it was!

Maxie & Emma did great on the chairs – they said they preferred riding with their uncle because he didn’t offer to help them or fuss at them.  He just assumed they could do it.

In the same vein, by the end of the first afternoon, Josh left E & M to ski by themselves.  When P came to check on them, she was told “we want our privacy” and “we like skiing by ourselves because it’s grownup.”  Exciting independence – and ut oh!

All in all it was a fab couple of days, hard to walk today… but worth it!  We’re looking forward to going back up in April.


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