E: Rome

These are some of the Rome adventures we’ve had in the last two days.  While we were wandering around trying to find a nice place to eat lunch, we happened upon a Leonardo Da’Vinci exhibit.  There were lots of models of his machines that we could test.    This machine demonstrates how ball bearings makes it easy to turn.  I liked the hands-on exhibit.

As we were walking to the Trevi fountain is started to rain; there were lots of hawkers all over the place and fortunately one of them was selling umbrellas.  The strange thing was the sun came out while it was raining which made the Trevi Fountain look awesome.  I think it’s cool because it seems like one giant statue.

After we visited the Trevi Fountain, we went to the Spanish Steps.  We sketched and watched other people.  There were hawkers “giving” people flowers then making them pay for them.  All around there were people with red roses.  One of the houses nearby was playing rock music and on from the other side of the steps we heard a beggar calling out piteously, “Ave Maria, un moneta per favore” over and over and over.  Around the steps there were bushes of bright colored flowers.  Looking down the steps I saw a fountain in the middle of a square crowded with people.

As our adventures continued, we found ourselves climbing up to the cupola at the very top of St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City.  It was an amazing view, we were so high up you couldn’t even see the people.  Climbing up we went on a very disorienting staircase because the walls were tilted to go with the dome.  The dome was of two layers, we were climbing between the two layers; we couldn’t even guess at how they got the staircases in.  At some points the staircase was as narrow as my shoulders.

As we made it down from the roofs, everything got more and more extravagant.  Once we got inside the cathedral everything was made of marble and gilded with gold.  They couldn’t have done more to make this place echo with awe.   When you walked in through the main doors, it was meant to get brighter and brighter as you walked toward the altar.  The walls are lined with sculptures, and all of them gestured toward the end of the hall leading your eye to the shining dove above the altar.

These were only some of the adventures we’ve had in our first two days in Rome.  Today we will be going to the Sistine Chapel,  Palentine Hill where we can overlook the Roman forums, and the Colosseum.


One thought on “E: Rome

  1. Dear Emma,
    I love reading your descriptions–they make me want to go to Rome and see for myself!

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