M: Adventures in Rome

Our trip to the Coliseum was amazing because it was huge and had tons of arches and columns.  I was scared that it was going to fall on me.  At the Coliseum there are a lot of neat Gladiator costumes.  Each costume showed rank or region of the person fighting.  Under the Coliseum there were cells and cages where they kept wild beasts.  They got them up to the main floor with ropes, elevators and trap doors.  The floor was called the arena because it means “sand” in Latin.  The floor was covered in sand to soak up blood from the battles.  The solders and animals usually battled to the death.  If a gladiator did a bad fight the crowd in the Coliseum would make a “thumbs down” signal and he would be put to death.  The life of a gladiator would not suit me.

At the Castle del Angelo there were a lot of things to see.  One of my favorites was the giant crossbow.  It was really old, the metal was rusting and the wood rotting but I could tell that it was used to fire big heavy rocks that sailed around the river into the enemy’s camp.  I really want to make one of these at home with Addy.

Another cool thing at the castle was the walk along the battlements.  There were arrow slits in the walls to fire arrows.  The whole castle was battle-ready if enemies approached.  We saw heavy gates, cannons, thick walls and a moat for protection.  I don’t think anyone would be able to destroy that place.

After our time in Rome, we got on a train and traveled to Umbria.

We are in Spoleto now in our country house.  I have a loft room of my own.  I have to climb a ladder up to my bed.  We are eating a lot of good pasta! Our house has a really big fireplace.  I like to light fires with coals banked from the night before.

This week I am looking forward to going to the hot springs (in Italian it is called a Terme) and eating a lot of gelato!  I wish you all could be here with us!


2 thoughts on “M: Adventures in Rome

  1. Max,
    Now I understand your comment regarding Daddy letting you light fires. I assume that you mean in the fireplace in your house!

    The crossbow was really huge. I wonder how many men it took to pull it back to fire the rocks? That should be fun to build and shoot across your hills at your house here.

    You were so right about the thick walls and the moat protecting the castles. That is why they are still here many hundreds of years later.

    Do enjoy the hot springs and the gelato.

    I do wish I were there with you, too.

    Lots of love to you.

  2. Hey Max!

    I’ll let Addy know about building the trebuschea (spelling?) or shall i say HUGE rock throwing thing….i’m sure he will start preparing for when you return!
    Addy wanted you to know that he hit in the last game and made an RBI and also caught a pop fly with two on base and two outs- a super play for the game- and they won 7 to 6! He was soo proud!
    We all miss you all! Glad to hear you are having such a great time!!
    love- lisa, bill and addy
    PS_ can you ask your P’s what kind of grape is in the fron yard of the the Blake Rd house- the new neighbors were wondering!

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