J: Flora-palooza

It’s been rainy off and on, cold off and on, making dramatic skies — but scarce poppies compared with 2 years ago.  In search of a field for Patty’s picture pleasure, found one at the end of a long day Geocaching.

Here’s Max in the garden of a convent near one of the caches, and Emma in the poppies.



3 thoughts on “J: Flora-palooza

  1. Emma,
    You look so lovely and grown up on your birthday. But I can’t help missing the little girl playing with her faerie house!!
    Love GRammy

  2. Where did all those poppies go??? I know they are waiting for you Emma to blossom just as you are. Maybe you will find them, and a faerie house before you leave. If not, they will be there waiting when you return another time.

    You and Max look like you are both discovering.

    I miss you both and am so enjoying your pictures and adventures.

    Love you lots,

  3. happy birthday Emma!!!!! Life has been filled berry love these days…hustle hustle…we went to the ballet in honor of your bday and it was fantastic…! next year we can all go together…unless we take a trip to Italy or something…ahhhh…..we love you ..The other freedman!

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