E: In Preparation for our Trip

[Assignment:  Research places you want to go on our trip in two different cities.  Write an essay to convince me we should go there.  Include 5 pictures (I forgot to tell them to save URLs from pictures for attribution). Emma turned this in on April 17]


Venice is a magical place where gondolas ride the canals and lions line the streets. We should go to Venice because it would be a fun day trip while visiting in Bolongia. Here are three things to do on a day in Venice.

We could visit Murano and see glass being made. Watching the famous Venetian glass being made would be a treat. We might even get to try blowing some.

Also it would be fun to ride in Gondolas through the narrow alleyways. Or we could take a Vaporetto down the Grand Canal and look at the architecture as we go past.

Another thing we could do in Venice is go and see a mask shop where we could learn how masks are made. These beautiful handmade masks are worn at carnival.

All in all the lions, Canals, and Venetian glass make Venice a worthwhile place to visit. Also Venice is famous for its tiramisu.


We should go to Florence not just because of dome and the museums but because Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, the golden age, where art, architecture, thinkers, leaders, and scientists came together.

In Florence we can see the famous dome built by Brunelleschi. This amazing piece of architecture stands out on the skyline with its dome shaped roof.

There is a costume museum at Pitti Palace that holds 6000 costumes and garments. These costumes range from ancient to modern but all are amazing and beautiful.

We could also take a day trip to Vinci and see the Leonardo da Vinci museum or the birthplace of Leonardo. After learning about Leonardo and his time this is definitely a place we should visit.

Don’t forget, you can always end each day with the world famous Gelateria Vivoli’s which is known for Florence’s best gelato.


6 thoughts on “E: In Preparation for our Trip

  1. Dear Emma,
    We are going to Venice in June! I hope to do all the things you listed.
    Nani picked it as a destination–I think because she read two great books set in Venice. One is called the Thief Lord and the other one the Water Mirror. I think you would like them.

    • Dear Debby,
      I am really looking forward to seeing Venice in the evening because everyone says it’s sublime. We read a book that takes place in Venice called Lion Boy which is one of the reason I wanted to go to Venice!!

      – Emma

  2. Emma;
    I have been many places in Italy, but not Venice. I will enjoy seeing it through your eyes and absorbing it through your vivid descriptions.

    I probably won’t get to taste the world famous gelato, but wish I could.

    Enjoy every minute.

    Love you and miss you all.


  3. Dear Emma & Max,
    I would love to have you both as my tour consultants! I have been to Venice and Florence and they are great choices for memorable adventures. You may also want to the “the David” sculpture in Florence. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw how big he was. He would get to eat a very BIG gelato if he came to life at his size!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with me,

    • You are so funny Marilynn!
      We also went and saw David — he got bigger and bigger as I walked down the hall toward the sculpture. I love how Michelangelo carved it using the flaws in the marble to enhance the shapes. I wonder where you would get a big enough gelato maker? I think David would like Stratchiatella, what do you think?

      – Emma

  4. Emma,

    Your descriptions are wonderful. I think all of the options sound exciting. You cannot lose. Please send my best wishes to Mom, Dad, and Max.

    Keep the blogs coming.

    Steve (Ezra and Levi’s Dad.)

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