E: Bologna & Firenze

One of the things we like doing on trips is people watching. When I do people watching it’s usually funny because what I see is not what I expect or what I’m used to. I like taking pictures of these unusual people and collecting them like butterflies or stamps. People watching is particularly good in Bologna. Whether I am sitting at a café table or on the steps of a tourist attraction it’s an easy game to play. Here is one of my favorite experiences with people watching:

We were crossing the street when I spotted a woman wearing skinny jeans and stiletto heels riding a bicycle on the way to her date. I was so surprised and excited “another one for the collection!”

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed so far is the food. Whenever we finish a meal I have fun chatting about how the salad was the highlight or how this meal was better than the last. I have to admit that Bologna and Florence have made 1st place so far for food. Bologna is famous for its moradella (otherwise known as baloney), pasta bolognaise (pasta with meat sauce), and tortellini in brodo (tortellini in broth).

I got to enjoy some tortellini in broth at a marvelous Slow Food deli/restaurant called Eataly. I felt Italian sitting at the communal seating eating the tortellini that Bologna has contributed to the table.

We had an amazing meal in Florence too but what struck me were the sights: Brunelleschi’s dome and Boboli gardens, Pitti palace and views from hilltops. When you walk along the river picture taking itself becomes am activity. I love skies at different times in different places. Even in Bologna there are amazing things to take pictures of.

We all stopped and turned on our cameras because this scene was calling out to have its picture taken.

Another beautiful picture taking site was an iris garden/competition. My favorite things about this place were the smell (I didn’t know irises had a scent) and the quiet atmosphere. Even in the middle of a city full of streets flooding with people you can find an oasis of calm.

I can see a path ahead full of travel, picture taking, good food, and yes blogging.


3 thoughts on “E: Bologna & Firenze

  1. It is a joy to travel along with you Emma. You make my stomach ache for warm home made pasta and other delectable real foods, and I can just imagine the soup. I love the contrast of the photos showing the many sides of Italy.

  2. Really enjoying the posts! You remind me how much I love to people-watch, too! I’ll get back out there and start looking. LOVE the photos – & the stories, too.

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