E: Shopping

One of the things I like doing on trips is shopping.

My favorite shop in Florence was called Migone. It is where brides go to get favors. Everything was tiny and pink or garnished with minute silk roses and ribbons. I got a tiny bag of Jordan almonds that I had been coveting. They are called confetti in Italian.

In Florence we tried the famous gelateria Vivoli’s, which was as good as it claims. I’m disappointed that we can’t go back but we found a great place in bologna. The new place has only a few flavors but they are all creative, unique, and delicious. Some of the flavors were pear with chocolate and cherry or ricotta with roasted fig. Speaking of unique we also found a gelato-on-a-stick place called Stick House. I loved how all the pops lined up making a wonderful feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. I got almond gelato coated in dark chocolate and almonds.

Paper shops are one of my favorites. I love looking at the wax seals, quill pens, and fancy paper. We saw many of these shops in Florence and we went in every single one. In the end I got embossed stickers and a miniature book that was calling out to me

I also like looking at hat shops. This particularly fancy one in bologna has a beautiful velvet beret and many other marvelous hats ranging from perfectly dashing to outstandingly daring.

I like keeping my eyes out for fancy hats walking around. We enjoyed watching this one as we were sitting in the town square.

I can’t wait for our trip to Venice tomorrow and I’ll blog all about it.


2 thoughts on “E: Shopping

  1. But this entry is over the top fabulous…oh I wish I was their….My grandpa was a miliner and I love hats! Not to mention roasted fig gelato !! So lovely….

  2. Emma;
    I so enjoyed the Bride’s Shop. Wonder what brides here would think of it. Lots of good ideas.

    I love that you debated so long in the paper shop and actually did buy something as I know your space is so limited.

    But, the Hat Shop is the best!!! How could you not buy a hat? You have been a hat girl since you were a baby.

    I am looking forward to Venice through your eyes, ears, tastes and smells.

    Love you lots,

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