M: Towers

I like to climb big towers here. So far we have climbed to the top of St Peter’s Bassilica in Rome, the Campinellie  (the Bell Tower) in Florence, and the Due Tore (Two Towers) in Bologna.

I like climbing because I like the dark insides.  It’s like you are inside a tunnel. The air is sort of musty and damp.  It smells a little of bird poo and rats but we haven’t seen any.

When we are climbing sometimes there are rest spots and windows for the view.  Inside the dome when we were getting to the top, we were spiraling around the dome.  The walls started to turn and tilt inward.  It felt like we were going to fall.  It was sort of scary but good.

Each one of these big climbs is pretty tall.  St. Peters was 323 steps up, the Campenillie was 438 and the Due Tore 549!  Our knees and legs felt like they were going to die at the top!

Coming out of the darkness of the climb and into the light was blinding.  The view was spectacular each time.  I liked to look down and see the motorbikes below.  Each tower I climbed was better than the last.

After our climbs we usually headed out for gelato.  Always an amazing treat!

I am looking forward to going to Venice and maybe we will find something climb there!


One thought on “M: Towers

  1. Hi Max,
    Sounds like you have been having a good time and getting a good work-out too!
    Does being around all those motorbikes make you want to ride one (when you are older!) or avoid them?

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