J: Going North

Amazing couple of days traveling – hard to believe we were in Venice/Bologna/Milan just a couple of days ago.  So much to tell but NO battery left on my computer and have not yet found a place to get an adapter here in small town in Lithuania.  Excited to have web access though!  1/2-way there… 🙂

Friday we flew to Copenhagen and in the afternoon went to Tivoli, glorious springtime full of flowers, fun, great food…

Saturday morning we went back to the airport and met Charlotte in transit from Montreal; together we fly to Palanga, Lithuania, and took a car + ferry to Niden, the village where she lived from when she was about 1-6 years old.  It’s delightful, and we’ve even found good restaurants!  Much to tell about exploring w her an all the stories.  This is a view of the “Haff” – the inland estuary – with the traditional weathervanes that were atop fishing boats in Charlotte’s childhood:

We walked through the forest (feels like a fairy tale) and over to the ocean – amazing!

Then tonight had a great dinner and returned to our lodging, almost 10 pm and still bright out!

If I can recharge, then more soon from all of us!


4 thoughts on “J: Going North

  1. wow…I am all choked up seeing you with Charlotte in Lithuania…wow…to think I will get to go back to Trenton new Jersey…heehee…The photos are popping off the screen…really….love to all of you while in the mother land….are you eating berries…big big berries? love jane

  2. Hi all of you, Charlotte too.

    This is so exciting and the STORIES you will be able to tell with the past meeting the future. I am sure Max and Emma will never forget this journey with Charlotte.

    Love you all and miss you, oh so much,

  3. Looks like it might be chilly in Nidden.
    Aunt Charlotte has told me stories of Nidden… the freedom and joy of her childhood, and obvious affection for the Kourish fishing families. She is a wonderful storyteller! You are so blessed to be able to share her return to a place so dear to her heart. I would have loved to be there. My mother was also Lithuanian, but born in Memel.

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