M: Nida Stories

When we were on Nida we went bike riding a lot. One day we went on a 10 mile ride to the next town.  We rode through the forest and along the path.  One of the most exciting parts of our ride was passing by a ram.  Daddy and I passed without any problems.  But when Mama stopped to take a picture, it banged into her bike.  She started to ride fast away but it chased her!  We were scared and kind of laughing because it was funny to watch the ram charge Mama on her bike..  This is a photo from Mama’s camera right before the ram came.  That bike ride was quite an excitement!

The forest in Nida is a lot different than the Redwood forest at home.  Instead of poison oak, blackberry and coyote bush there were lots of blueberry bushes all around.  When we were walking on the path, I tried one of the flower buds on the bushes and it tasted like nectar.  We were too early for the berries but they were still good.

When went into the forest the trees and moss were so beautiful.  We made fairy houses with sticks, moss and string.  It was really fun.  On the third day that we went to the forest, I made an ampitheater—it’s a theater from Roman times.  The stage is a big stump with a roof covering it.  I left a hole in the back so the sunlight could shine on the performers.  The seating was made from sand and pinecones.  Behind the seats you can see the lighting tree.  I wished I could go back there and make more.

In Nida there are wonderful beaches.  On one side of the Spit are the beaches and on the other side is the Haff where we stayed. We had a wonderful time hiking in the forest to cross the Spit to get to the beach.  The beaches were different from home because the sand was whiter and hand lots of stones to gather.  Sometimes we even found little pieces of amber!  When I got buried in the sand I got warm and even a massage.

We went to the beach on a really windy day.  It was like getting sanded with a sandblaster.  The wind picked up the sand and shot it at us.  Here I am with my face covered in sand from the wind.  In the old times on the Spit the wind was so powerful that it picked up dunes and buried the fishing villages.  Both times we went to the beach we had a totally different experience but they were both fun too.


4 thoughts on “M: Nida Stories

  1. Max;
    I love your fairey house and beach story. But, the funniest one is about the ram chasing your Mama.

    I am glad you are enjoying the small village and very different seashore.

    Love you,

  2. Hi Max,
    Whew! How exciting…and so different from the excitement of Rome! I love being on the beach, too. Iwould love to be thee with you!

    and biking 10 miles! Very impressive! We biked yesterday along the Erie Canal, and came on a town where the high school rowing teams were racing long graceful boats. It was wonderful. But no rmas! That sound scary and exciting.

  3. Hi Max,
    Wow, your fairy houses are fantastic! I imagine that you will leave these creations and the fairies will inhabit them for a restful nap along their journey. 🙂 What a delightful surprise for them. I so appreciate your sharing through your journal and photos as it helps me to experience the wonderful adventure that you are on!

    With love,

  4. Dear Max,
    Did you know I didn’t learn to ride a bike till I was 35 years old? And I am still not a very confident bike rider. But your post makes me feel like going for a bike ride (no rams to worry about on the trails near my house!).
    Give your dad a huge birthday hug from me.

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