J: Impressions of Sweden

We’re enjoying discovering a new place!  Long days with the summer sun.  Presentations Sat & today went very well – starting to plan next visit here for more courses.  Visiting has been fab, so much to see, and amazing food.  Today we ate in the market hall, one of the best meals of the year! 

Lovely light, great colors, artful foods, striking skies, old-fashioned-stuff, and some whimsy… Here are a few pix…


3 thoughts on “J: Impressions of Sweden

  1. LOVE the kissing clouds, Max & Emma by the polka dot wall AND those curley-cue candies!
    I can almost taste the food you take pictures of!

  2. I agree with Sarojani…oh my goodness…Sweden here we come but where is the Black licorice? Who needs it with all that CHOC and those copper pots…ahhh this was a great slide show to start my day…..Emma I think you need to play basketball…are you really as tall as you appear? Have you seen the lapland bracelets..silver and leather…some of them are amazing! Love Jane

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