E: Take Away

Late spring in Sweden brings lupines and sunshine.  It feels like we’ve gone all this way and we’ve finally gotten radiant days at the very end.  I was excited to see lupines because we don’t see them at home and it reminded me of the children’s story Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

In the book, a little girl named Alice grows into an old woman named Miss Rumphius. Her life is filled with adventures, but as she grows older, none of it feels like enough. She keeps remembering her grandfather’s advice to her as a child. He told her that in order to live a good life, she had to “do something to make the world more beautiful.” She decides to scatter lupine seeds everywhere she goes. She completely transforms the rocky landscape around her home. In the end, she tells her story to her niece, who wonders how she too will make the world more beautiful.

I am still discovering how I am going to make the world more beautiful.

Another flower blooming everywhere is Lilac in white, purple and blue.  The perfume is tantalizingly sweet.  Every single time we pass we exclaim with pleasure “Smell that?  Smell the lilacs?”

Window-shopping is another kind of pleasure for the eyes.  We’d been walking down the road in old town Gamla Stan when we came across an antique shop full of copper pots.  I love how the light glinted off the bright copper kettles and reflected off another one.   Definitely one of “my favorite things.”

People watching again! (One of my favorite things) On Swedish National day everyone was dressed up to go to the city.  This shmancy lady cracked me up.  There were so many things going on here I couldn’t make a sentence about them all so I’ll just make a list:

  1. Skinny black capri pants
  2. Black top adorned with a velvet heart covered sparkles
  3. Tiny black velvet bolero jacket with silver buttons
  4. Patent red leather handbag
  5. Choker with black leather rose
  6. Swingy black cat earrings
  7. Penciled skinny black eyebrows (goes well with orange poufy hair)
  8. Sequined black mini hat (with additional bow) presented at a jaunty angle on a bob of light loquat colored hair

We went to many Museums in Stockholm, but one of my favorites was the Armory. We got to see lots of carriages adorned with gold filigree and silken curtains.  At the end of the tour we got to put on costumes and ride in a carriage and try on a really heavy crown.  Its tough to be royal.

It doesn’t seem like we have been gone for seven weeks.  I’ve learned a lot. Purple is the hot color of the season in Europe.  Purple everywhere!  I have discovered more confidence in myself.  In the city I am not so afraid of things.  I am really good at navigating and being a tour guide.  I am looking forward to getting home and starting camp with Mama.  I want to be back in my own big bed not wearing the same clothes as yesterday and living in one room with my whole family. It will be fun to come again.


2 thoughts on “E: Take Away

  1. Emma,
    So glad you got to see even a little of Copenhagen, and more of Sweden (Stockholm, right?) THis is the part of the world I love best, I think. When I was still a graduate student I seriously thought about emigrating to Denmark after spending a year there. Copenhagen is almost a second home to me. I speak the language (now not very well, after all this time) and Steven and I try to spend a month a year there. Now you know why!! And welcome home (soon!)

  2. Emma;
    What an amazing trip you have had. In each location you have found colorful and unique people or places to tell us about through your Blog. I go back and reread your tales and enjoy them a second or third visit.

    You have grown up so quickly in the past seven weeks. I would love to have you plan a trip for me. I am sure we would see many beautiful and exciting places that I may not have experienced before when I lived there.

    I am glad you will be home in your own big bed tomorrow.

    Lots of love,

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