M: Medieval Germany

We went to cool medieval towns in Germany. It was awesome. I really like medieval stuff. At home we play a Medieval game and we dress up in costumes and pretend to live in those times. We even have jobs and shops and build things like wheat grinders and tools for working with only our pocketknives and string. So we were excited to see the real places from that time.
When we arrived in we saw a rows of old medieval houses. I really like the beams and stuff you can see through the walls. The roofs were made of slate tiles and some even made of thatch! Now I know how they made the houses back then.

In a Medieval town first there is the village on the outside. Then there is a wall with a moat or canal surrounding it with a bridge across and a gate. The gate keeps people from entering the castle and town market without paying taxes on their goods. It also keeps bad guys out.

After the gatehouse, there is a central square where the market takes place. In the very middle of the market there are the stocks. These are for punishing people who do bad things like stealing or breaking laws.
Also in this castle they kept hawks, eagles and falcons. We saw them perform in a show where they flew over the audience and were given yummy rewards like baby chicks.
The one of the museums we went to in the Castle was a library. They had a collection of cool books that were samples of trees and bark and leaves. Each book was a different type of plant. It must have taken a long time to make.

I thought Germany was really cool!  But it will be great to come home this week, I am counting down the days.


3 thoughts on “M: Medieval Germany

  1. Max;
    I am glad you found the medievil towns in Germany exciting. I particularly liked the books in the Castle library. How interesting they would experiment with different barks and leaves and that they would last this long.

    I wonder how those stocks felt. Can you imagine being imprisoned in them for days at a time?

    I am glad, ever so glad that you are coming home too.

    See you soon.
    Love you,

  2. Hi Max,
    So glad you got to enjoy Scandinavia a little. Maybe sometime we can travel there together. WE go there for a month most years and really love it. ANd I’m glad you’ll be back soon in your real bed in your wonderful room in Meadowridge.

  3. Dear Max,
    I think you might be home by now!
    After all you have learned about medieval times, would you like to travel back in time to visit? (if you knew you could come back?!)
    There’s a great book with that plot–a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court–one of Grandpa Hank’s favorites. I can’t remember if it is appropriate for your age, but perhaps your mom or dad could check it out.

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