E: Cooking Class

This morning we took a Tuk-Tuk ride to the middle of town.  A tuk-tuk is a little cart thing that the guy hooks on a motorscooter and he rides you around.  There are lots and lots of them here.  It was really tippy when we went around the corners — it’s a little scary but it’s fun to feel the wind on your face.  We ended up in a restaurant called Paper Tiger, where we had this meal:

Guess who made it?

We did!

It was really fun to learn about all the different kinds of spices that they use in Cambodian cooking.  We made two main courses and two appetizers using a variety of methods – from pounding with a mortar and pestle to learning how to wrap fresh spring rolls.  It was very clean and tourist-friendly.  Our teacher, Chenni, was very friendly and answered all of our questions.  I also learned how to make roses out of tomatoes, and in between jobs I took pictures of food and the street below.  We were impressed at how good the food turned out in the end, but I don’t think we could do that well at home.


3 thoughts on “E: Cooking Class

  1. Emma and Max;
    You will have to show me how to make this when you get home. Slicing and dicing are good, but the tomato flower would be splendid.

    Love you lots and excited for you.

  2. Dear Emma,
    Seeing the pictures makes me hungry!
    I bet you can do that well at home–you might just need to practice a lot. I will volunteer to taste the practice sessions 🙂

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